Marshawn Lynch, a former NFL star, is facing multiple charges just after a DUI arrest in Las Vegas

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After being arrested in Las Vegas on Tuesday, former Seahawks running back Marshawn 

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Lynch are facing multiple charges, including suspicion of DUI. Lynch was arrested after a

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vehicle stop for erratic driving, according to Las Vegas police. After police determined that the 36

year-old was impaired, he was arrested and transported to jail. Lynch is now facing four charges stemming

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from his arrest: DUI, driving an unregistered vehicle, failing to stay in his lane, and failing to

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surrender proof of security. According to Fox 5 in Las Vegas, the arrest happened just before 7:30 am

local time. Lynch remained in custody as of Tuesday afternoon, with a with a pending bail of $3,381.The

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arrest comes just one day after the Seahawks announced Lynch would be their special correspondent this season.